Alice DiMicele with Rob Kohler on Bass


Alice DiMicele is a singer/songwriter and acoustic guitar player that seamlessly works jazz/blues phrasing and R&B and rock & roll rhythms into a broadened Folk/Roots/Americana sound she calls "Organic Acoustic Groove." Whether playing solo or with her band "Force of Nature," Alice brings her wide-ranging vocal prowess, humor and distinctive guitar style . For over 30 years Alice has been a grassroots trailblazer in independent music. Bucking the advances of record labels early in her career--she has self-released 14 albums on her Alice Otter Music label including 2018's "One With the Tide". DiMicele has stayed true to herself and her mission: to create music that connects people and inspires them to take a stand for the earth and for justice in the world. Her activism informs her music and her music informs her activism. 

Alice has played at many festivals including Strawberry Music Festival, Kate Wolf Music Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, Joshua Tree Music Festivals, Oregon Country Fair, and many, many more. She's shared stages with some of music's finest including some of her musical heroes like Bonnie Raitt, Joan Baez, JJ Cale, David Grisman Quintet, Steve Winwood, Ferron, Peter Rowan, Richie Havens, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and the list goes on. Bonnie Raitt said, "Alice's music has that great combination of earthiness and groove that keeps it funky from the inside out. She's for real." 

 Congratulations to Alice for her Nomination for which she was  a Finalist of the 2018 American Songwriting Awards in recognition of writing her song " Lonely Alone " 

Scott Cossu, "jazz luminary of the future" Billboard Magazine


Scott Cossu's work has the heart, soul, and skill that come from an artist motivated by personal vision rather than industry trends. His 1980 debut album Still Moments featured harp, cello, and vibes as foils for his own pianistic improvisations, at a time when solo instrumentals were the rage. His style has evolved and become more sophisticated over the years. Yet because each stage in his development was carried out with the utmost sincerity and expressive intent, each album he has recorded continues to have a life of its own 

Scott is an internationally known, composer, pianist and recording artist. He was up front when New Age was just beginning over 30 years ago.  He was one of the first Windham Hill Artists to join with founder Will Ackerman and Alex Degrassi, in their new label out of Palo Alto, California.  Scott signed onto the label the same day as Michael Hedges and they both joined George Winston who was just new to the label himself. In those early days, Scott toured with his label mates as they forged the way for the many artists that would follow in that genre. Scott would affectionately call his music Heavy Mental or Cosmic National Geographic, even though he was one of the grandfathers of the New Age scene; he was labeled a “jazz luminary of the future”, by Billboard Magazine.  Much of Scott’s work exhibits departures from the New Age field and includes a melodic blend of jazz, classical and ethnic influences.

 Right at the time that Scott was at the top of his career, with extensive radio play, glowing reviews and just as he was about to embark on a forty city world tour, he was struck by a car while crossing Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, California. He was lucky to be near UCLA Medical Center and went right into surgery. He had a severe traumatic brain injury. It was life threatening, required months of hospitalization and several more months of intensive rehabilitation. It would be another couple years for him to work out the memory loss, including the loss of many of his compositions. During this time, Scott and his wife Debi attended a dozen different state Brain Injury Conferences. Scott’s story and his music was an inspiration to many others whose lives had been touched by brain injury. With much love and support from family, friends and fans, Scott amazed his neurologist with his miracle recovery. Scott credits include 15 albums, 16th on the way, plus writing, arranging, composing, instruments, performance, acting, (literary & Spoken)  

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Jim Page, "Folk Music with Teeth"


 Jim Page has recorded 22 albums and toured in 14 countries. His songs have been covered by Christy Moore, Dick Gaughan, Roy Bailey, The Doobie Brothers, The Moving Hearts, Michael Hedges, Leftover Salmon, and Joanne Rand. He was born in California in 1949 and grew up into the 1960’s in the San Francisco Bay Area. The political and social awareness of those times was a part of all artistic expression and it has stayed that way in Jim’s music ever since.Jim arrived in Seattle, where he now lives, in 1971. When the last folk club closed he took the whole city to be his stage. In 1974, after being threatened with arrest for singing on the street without a permit, Jim took on the Seattle city government to overturn the law and legalize street performing. He sang his testimony to a packed council hearing and the streets were opened by unanimous decision. It was a landmark case and Seattle is now an internationally famous city for buskers of all styles.In 1975 Jim recorded his first album of original music, a vinyl LP called “A Shot Of The Usual,” released on his own label. Two other albums followed in rapid succession. In 1977 he journeyed to the UK to perform at the Cambridge Folk Festival. The response was instant and overwhelming and he walked away with a feature in the national music press, two booking agents, and a European tour. He was off and running and spent the next 6 years constantly on the road. He recorded two albums for a Swedish label called Nacksving and one for WEA Ireland. It was in Ireland that Christy Moore first heard Jim’s song “Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette,” and made it a permanent part of his repertoire. When Christy formed the great Irish band The Moving Hearts “Hiroshima” was their first single and a center piece to their shows.Jim returned to the States in ’83 and began reestablishing himself as a solo artist and as a player in the northwest music scene. In ’85 he recorded an album in Portland, OR, produced by the great Irish musician Mícheál Ó Domhnaill. 1987 saw the creation of the legendary electric band Zero Tolerance, named after George Bush’s draconian anti drug campaign. It was a tight four piece rock band with the focus on the songs. They shared stages with Mudhoney and Alice In Chains, made one recording and broke up, as rock bands often do, leading Jim to more experimentation, this time with the internationally famous spoon player Artis the Spoonman, who was himself the subject of a Grammy award winning song by Seattle grunge rockers Soundgarden. It’s a small musical world.Fast forward to the 21st century and Jim was busy with constant solo performances, plus various ensemble configurations, leading to more albums. Jim was one of the founders of the Pike Market Performers Guild, Seattle’s first buskers union. They organized and ran the first and only Busker Festival to be operated entirely by the buskers themselves. He again petitioned the City Council, this time to create Buskers Week, another Seattle first. In 2005 Jim was invited to Taiwan for the first time, and again the next year. In 2007 Jim was included in an all star cast of the “50 Most Influential Musicians In Seattle History,” a position shared with Jimi Hendrix, Ernestine Anderson, Nirvana, and Bill Frisell.The 40th anniversary of the legalization of street performing in Seattle was celebrated with the 14th Annual Buskers Festival, Buskers Week, and Buskerpalooza, creating events all over the downtown corridor. Jim was presented with a proclamation from the City Council in recognition of his accomplishments, signed by all council members. As Utah Phillips said, “Jim Page’s songs get right to the point. He looks at the world clearly and reports what he sees with compassion, humor and a biting sense of irony. And boy! can he sing and play. If you’re ever going to get the message, this is the messenger to get it from!  



Music and Variety Artists

Mark Ross "America's Most Famous Unknown Folksinger"



Mark Ross left at home at 17 because of illness (his parents were sick of him).  With a loud voice and a guitar, he made his way to Greenwich Village just in time to catch the last of the Great Folk Music Scare of the '60's.  Learning to play about a dozen instruments,  he has sung all across the continental U.S. He has been a guest lecturer on American folk music, railroad songs, labor songs and the History of American Labor and radical politics at colleges & universities. With a working repertoire of close to 500 songs he runs the gamut of American Roots Music. He has shared stages with Utah Phillips (his sometime recording and songwriting partner as well as David Bromberg, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, John Hammond, Malvina Reynolds, Jerry Jeff Walker, Steve Goodman,Rosalie Sorrels, Faith Petric, Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry, Dave Van Ronk, and many more. He has recorded over the years for National Geographic Records, National Public Radios' ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, Flying Fish, Cookieman Music, Redhouse Records, and for his own label, Smokestack Productions. He was nominated for an INDIE award for the recording LOAFER'S GLORY with his  friend & Mentor the late Utah Phillips. In addition, he was part of the GRAMMY nominated SINGING THROUGH THE HARD TIMES; A Tribute To Utah Phillips on Righteous Babe Records.


"Ancient Arts Brought to Life!" by Moz Wright


Come see Dragons' Gate Gardens  own Dragon!  

Cold Steel and Hot Licks! 

Fire Breather/Sword Swallower, Moz, grew up in a circus family and learned from his uncle the fundamentals of Fire Breathing and Sword Swallowing. He improved on that and added skills and stage  savvy through dedication to his art. His interest in Vaudeville,  Varietè, and performance art led him to work producing shows along the  west coast and especially at the Oregon Country Fair where he was Entertainment Coordinator and Board Member From 1981 to 1991. He has astonished audiences at home and abroad at festivals, at the New York Magic Symposium,  in the Grateful Deads' rock video "Going to Hell in a Bucket", The Paul Danials' Magic Show on BBC TV, and KCTS Seattle special "the Stars of New Vaudeville, Hosted by the Flying Karamazov Brothers" 


Zane Lazos, "World Music Woven from Ancient and Modern Strands"



Zane  Lazos is an acoustic-electronic musician fusing new with old. He shares  the spirit of tribal, classical, rustic, and refined within the hidden  spaces on the Altar of Sound.
Zane  originally hails from the Pacific Northwest region of the United States  and has been endeavoring to fuse the otherworldly sound of the Turkish bowed  and plucked tanbur, bass guitar, and voice with the art of live sampling and world music sound design. Zane draws from his background in  Western academic musical training, progressive metal bass guitar, and  study with Turkish music masters in the United States, Turkey, and  Greece (Sadun Aksüt, Timuçin Çevikoğlu, Evgenios Voulgaris) to blend the  ancient with the contemporary in a journey that charts new musical  waters wherever they may lead.

It  has been Zane's aim for some time to create a visual representation of  the world he lives in musically. Using images of his creation in various  media, he seeks to explore  and evoke a latent memory or dream place for the listener and viewer.  Zane believes the most profound explorations happen on the subconscious  level with music and art. His work in sound design mirrors this process  as well, working toward a result that evokes emotional states as  catalysts for internal exploration. 

Our plant musician, Philly



Philly has been living at Dragons Gate Gardens for about four years.  Philly has been studying with Auriel Rose and spending many hours early Spring to late Fall practicing, some times all night! Philly's music is rooted in world music, not the international kind, I mean the music of the natural world we live in! Having become quite accomplished Philly is still humble and shares the keyboard with other friends like Basil, who hails from Trader Joe's a few short months ago but has already  developed a personal flavor to it's music that is quite tasty, or Big Leaf Maple who was a resident here before we acquired the property. Maple has a range,  depth, and musical stature that informs it's work and let's us know when we turned the instrument over to Maple's competent synapses we weren't barking up the wrong tree!


(Plant pictured is not Philly, a professional model was employed for the shot, and believe me with modeling rates being what they are we had to lay out plenty of the green stuff to get this shot!)