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Tree of Life Festival

August 23rd, 24th, and 25th, 2019


"Growing the Collective Consciousness for the Betterment of All!"

The Tree of Life Festival will be held August 23rd, 24th, & 25th, 2019.

Join us for a wonder filled weekend of community, camping, quality crafts, music and comedy, on a number of stages throughout the festival providing a rich source of connection, joy and laughter!  

           Find inspiration through insightful talks featuring appropriate tech and alternative resources for sustainability and health! 

The Tree of Life Festival is all about creating a sustainable community that is a force of evolution!  

It's a private festival exclusively open to Dragons' Gate Gardens membership/ticket holders. (No on-site ticket sales.)

There is so much in the natural alternative realm to be hopeful about that we decided to hold a  3 day festival here at Dragons' Gate Gardens (DGG) and partner with as many of you as possible.  


Experience the Giant Quartz Crystal Collection!

Here on the 126 acres of beautiful countryside,  we at Dragon Gates Gardens we share our lives with over 15 tons of crystal material! 

The Giant Quartz crystal collection are conscious beings eager to do their part to heal the land and its connection with humankind. The collection will be on display.  Their lightbrarian and  caregiver, Auriel Rose will be sharing her work with these amazing beings and teaching how we all can connect and work with the Earth's Crystalline Grid.

This Giant Quartz crystal collection was originally the personal collection of Ilia Deleff and was transported to the US from Brazil. In his book, Ilia 

Deleff  PHENOMENAL CRYSTALS, Ilia makes this statement about Auriel's collection, "I am really convinced that EACH GIGANTIC CRYSTAL IS A LIVING BOOK THAT CAN SERVE EVERYBODY FOR ENLIGHTENMENT. I believe that one day the secrets of nature written on the pages of "the stone books" that I gathered all my life with love, labour, and persistence will be studied to the end of and their mystery unravelled by the future generations - and this would be the greatest satisfaction and the highest award for me."

Come experience the incredible energy of the crystaline grid while enjoying the    Tree of Life Festival.


Besides enjoying the festival...

What will Dragons’ Gate Gardens do for you personally? And what will it do for all of us globally?  


Dragons’ Gate Gardens Membership Benefits include:

Privacy, not open to the public.

Supporting the Earth’s Crystal Grid

Experiencing more than 15 tons of Giant Crystal

Explore Forest Bathing

Naturalist opportunities

More than 17 miles of trails off the property where rarely another person is seen 

Membership Appreciation Pool Party

Reduced fee for camping

Song Circles

Movie Nights

Star Gazing in the full darkness of the country

Wildlife photography

All attendees automatically become members of Dragons' Gate Gardens with car stickers, showing proof of membership for each year.

Memebership dues are $20 per person per year. (January 1 - December 31)


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Tree of Life Festival

7911 Skookumchuck Road, Tenino, WA 98589, US

(360) 264-5110

August 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2019

Celebrate the Earth Mother and all life with us!

Our Roots are in the Ground, we are reaching towards the Sun


The Tree of Life Festival 2018 Thanks you all!


Big thanks to Steve and Linda Kuntz, we couldn’t have done it without you! 

Solara Amoure and Bob (RPG) Greco, your help was instrumental, as were Fern de Fay, Forest Sober,  Aierlla Carlson, Natalie Thamart  and Greg Matok  thank you! 

Yvonne Rose Torrey, you are a goddess-send, together with our Hip Camp gift from the goddess Chef  Taylor Hollingsworth,  Lizzie Barnt, with Hanna Johnson,  and  you kept us all well fed but never fed up. The sound of your work coming out of the kitchen was the music of love and laughter, which truly sustains us all. Thank you! Special Thanks to Della Hale, Roderick Sceva and Francesco and Joan Tortorici for the generous donations of vibrant vegetables and fruits!  gardeners/farmers 

Our Deepest Appreciation to all of our stellar presenters and performers;   David Yarrow, we all want to learn more from that amazing mind of yours, we felt this land was sacred but without your knowledge, we wouldn’t understand the how and why of it, so huge thanks for that alone.   Francesco Tortorici, we want to produce our own Biochar soon, now that you showed us how easy it is! Thanks,  Karin Olsen, and Fern de Fay for broadening our understanding of the Celtic Calendar and how to apply that in the here and now,  Adam Abraham,  you put just the right “spin” on your subject that brings it from concept into physical reality, Susan Powell, We thank you and the land thanks you, our “Big Sacred” circle (of Life) will continue,  Mark “Humnbyrd” and MaryGold McNutt, Your workshops, your energy and love helped birth this baby (no need to slap us on the butt, Tree of Life Festival is breathing!)  Joanne Rand, you are an amazing powerhouse of love and an authentic voice leading us all to find ours! Much respect and thanks!   Burke Mulvany and Jay Darling,  your musical connection to nature and your ability to lead others to that consciousness is truly a blessing! Thank you! Taylor Vance and Herb (Roi) Richards thank you for your support participation!

And from all of us who you touched with your talents and willingness to share them a heartfelt thanks and another round of applause, Reggie Miles, you wowed ‘em!   Your talents seem endless!   Mark Ross and Citizens Band, what an amazingly wonderful concert!         Scott Cossu! Your piano by the pool was so beautiful, playing through the dark you left us wanting more!   Joanne Rand, We don’t  have the words to adequately express the wonderful places you take us all, and how that opens our hearts even more, (no mean feat, considering how wide open our heart chakras were already from the rest of the weekend!) Charlie Brown and Rhys Thomas, your spectacular talent and wit, your physical accomplishments just has to be seen to be believed! Thank You both! 

Alice and Elwin, we missed you, heal fast and well, we sent love and photos your way!  Last but certainly not least I want to express my HUGE respect and Love for Kathleen (Auriel Rose ) Greco for sharing this vision, this unending workload with never-ending lists, to Co-Create for us all this Ascential Event, moving us forward to a new peaceful paradigm where all life is respected and honored. You introduced us to Amethyst and Violet who sang for us and left no doubt that the whole world around us is alive and cognizant, none who learn to interact with and listen to plants will ever be the same, and better for it! 

The Dragon at Dragons’ Gate