Music and Variety Artists

Alice DiMicele and Force of Nature


Alice DiMicele is a singer/songwriter and acoustic guitar player that seamlessly works jazz/blues phrasing and R&B and rock & roll rhythms into a broadened Folk/Roots/Americana sound she calls "Organic Acoustic Groove." Whether playing solo or with her band "Force of Nature," Alice brings her wide-ranging vocal prowess, humor and distinctive guitar style . For over 30 years Alice has been a grassroots trailblazer in independent music. Bucking the advances of record labels early in her career--she has self-released 14 albums on her Alice Otter Music label including 2018's "One With the Tide". DiMicele has stayed true to herself and her mission: to create music that connects people and inspires them to take a stand for the earth and for justice in the world. Her activism informs her music and her music informs her activism. 

Alice has played at many festivals including Strawberry Music Festival, Kate Wolf Music Festival, High Sierra Music Festival, Joshua Tree Music Festivals, Oregon Country Fair, and many, many more. She's shared stages with some of music's finest including some of her musical heroes like Bonnie Raitt, Joan Baez, JJ Cale, David Grisman Quintet, Steve Winwood, Ferron, Peter Rowan, Richie Havens, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and the list goes on. Bonnie Raitt said, "Alice's music has that great combination of earthiness and groove that keeps it funky from the inside out. She's for real." 


Scott Cossu, "jazz luminary of the future" Billboard Magazine



Scott is an internationally known, composer, pianist and recording artist. He was up front when New Age was just beginning over 30 years ago.  He was one of the first Windham Hill Artists to join with founder Will Ackerman and Alex Degrassi, in their new label out of Palo Alto, California.  Scott signed onto the label the same day as Michael Hedges and they both joined George Winston who was just new to the label himself. In those early days, Scott toured with his label mates as they forged the way for the many artists that would follow in that genre. Scott would affectionately call his music Heavy Mental or Cosmic National Geographic, even though he was one of the grandfathers of the New Age scene; he was labeled a “jazz luminary of the future”, by Billboard Magazine.  Much of Scott’s work exhibits departures from the New Age field and includes a melodic blend of jazz, classical and ethnic influences.

 Right at the time that Scott was at the top of his career, with extensive radio play, glowing reviews and just as he was about to embark on a forty city world tour, he was struck by a car while crossing Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles, California. He was lucky to be near UCLA Medical Center and went right into surgery. He had a severe traumatic brain injury. It was life threatening, required months of hospitalization and several more months of intensive rehabilitation. It would be another couple years for him to work out the memory loss, including the loss of many of his compositions. During this time, Scott and his wife Debi attended a dozen different state Brain Injury Conferences. Scott’s story and his music was an inspiration to many others whose lives had been touched by brain injury. With much love and support from family, friends and fans, Scott amazed his neurologist with his miracle recovery. 


Joanne Rand "Ms. Rand’s absorbing voice which alone is an instrument, is absolutely captivating. "


 Ms. Rand’s absorbing voice which alone is an instrument, is absolutely captivating.  But, the voice, the voice – it starts out like any other folkish voice and then Ms. Rand goes into a deep low register and the game changes. It’s startling and beautiful.   

Her voice reaches pitches that remind me of Buffy Sainte-Marie and with that spirit -- she possesses a voice hard to ignore. Some have described her music as psychedelic-roots-folk-rock but it’s more than that.

There is a mystical magic that has strength that average singers, even good singers, don’t have and that's what makes Joanne  impressive.  Joanne makes every song memorable when she sings she has style , as she sings it reminds me of the great jazz singer Anita O’Day who was quite the song stylist. Rand allows her voice to roller coast from one octave to another, she hits every note accurate as Annie Oakley hits her target.   Joanne’s voice is that style of Appalachian singer with snips of the legends of folk: Rosalie Sorrells, Kate Wolf, Cris Williamson, Judee Sill, Ferron and Eva Cassidy -- women of that treasure trove begin to gently tug at your ears. Joanne’s voice isn’t shrill like the young Joan Baez, or as harsh as the wonderful Karen Dalton. But, she has this uniqueness in her timbre that is all her own.  If ever there was an independent female vocalist who could teach the so-called commercial divas a thing or two about the proper use of powerful, distinctive vocals – Joanne Rand may just be the one. She is not a showboating police car siren – she has the right inflection, the phrasing, the style -- it's what makes a singer -- an artist.  Here is a link to her current kickstarter


Rhys Thomas Jugglemania


 JuggleMania's "Hilarity and Dexterity” has appeared to laughter and applause on cruise ships in the Mediterranean, festivals in Asia, museums in the Middle East and on theater stages from Trinidad to Egypt. Inspired by Oregon Country Fair performers, JuggleMania’s Rhys Thomas never guessed his hippy circus hobby would take him to 30 countries and allow him to serve as Smithsonian Artist in Residence. His greatest achievement? Marrying a clever woman and raising two creative daughters.

Citizens Band " Dang, they’re really good!” Jim Hightower



Together since 1984, Citizens Band formed to prove that good people making good music could create laughter, inspiration and social commentary all at the same time. Their commitment to social change, both individually and as a group, is rooted in the belief that each of us is vital to creating a better world. Honesty, humor, and understanding flourish in that better world. But a Citizens Band show is far from a stuffy political diatribe. Inspired by such wordsmiths as Jim Page and such humorous musical acts as the Austin Lounge Lizards, the music of Citizens Band, anarcoustic music, is varied and topical. Playing folk, blues, swing, almost rock or a little bit country, Citizens Band conveys their beliefs with passion, audacity and harmony. 

With original songs like Greenhouse Effect, Fat Girls, The Day Billy Boy Got Pied, and Yuppie National Anthem, they sing about work, earth, politics, and strong individuals who make a difference in the world. From slow and sweet to fast and raucous, Citizens Band songs will provoke your mind, sway your heart and tickle the soles of your feet.


Charlie Brown "Right up there with Fred Allen and other Golden Age ad-libbers."


Charlie Brown is one of the finest cigar box jugglers in the world. And that's just the beginning for this consummate professional! Whether it's blazing torches, balls, tophats, broadswords or tossing machetes on his double high teeter-board, Charlie delivers! A hilarious multi-talented performer, Charlie manipulates his props and audiences with breathtaking skill. His special blend of absurd comedy and technical feats create a memorable experience for everyone! 

Featured in Broadway hit "Sugar Babies" with Carol Lawrence and Rip Taylor at Harrah's in South Lake Tahoe! Charlie earned the reputation as one of the best cigar box jugglers in the world, he is also admired everywhere for his lightning fast top hat manipulation. From his blazing torch juggling entrance to his machete tossing double high Rola Bola finale Charlie is prized by producers and organizers the world over.


Mark Ross "America's Most Famous Unknown Folksinger"



Mark Ross left at home at 17 because of illness (his parents were sick of him).  With a loud voice and a guitar, he made his way to Greenwich Village just in time to catch the last of the Great Folk Music Scare of the '60's.  Learning to play about a dozen instruments,  he has sung all across the continental U.S. He has been a guest lecturer on American folk music, railroad songs, labor songs and the History of American Labor and radical politics at colleges & universities. With a working repertoire of close to 500 songs he runs the gamut of American Roots Music. He has shared stages with Utah Phillips (his sometime recording and songwriting partner as well as David Bromberg, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, John Hammond, Malvina Reynolds, Jerry Jeff Walker, Steve Goodman,Rosalie Sorrels, Faith Petric, Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry, Dave Van Ronk, and many more. He has recorded over the years for National Geographic Records, National Public Radios' ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, Flying Fish, Cookieman Music, Redhouse Records, and for his own label, Smokestack Productions. He was nominated for an INDIE award for the recording LOAFER'S GLORY with his  friend & Mentor the late Utah Phillips. In addition, he was part of the GRAMMY nominated SINGING THROUGH THE HARD TIMES; A Tribute To Utah Phillips on Righteous Babe Records.





Burke Mulvany and Jay Darling have been crafting and sharing musical soul work since 1996. They have played together in multiple groups, inspiring and touching crowds from Folklife Festival to Western Washington University to the Northwest Herbal Faire. Burke and Jay have also served in anchoring annual Earth-honoring ceremonies for 10 years consecutively in Bellingham and 5 years in the Methow Valley, as well as  playing many weddings together .

Their unique improvisational music and connection spreads joy and warmth to crowds and their newer offerings of musical connection workshops have received high regard from participants.


Reggie Miles



Songwriter, Singer, Storyteller, Slide Guitarist, Sawplayer & Washboard Scrubber

Turns trash into musical treasures, self-made Nobro resophonic guitars, and washboard Gadgets for children...Earthy vocals, Delta style bottleneck slidin' and the rhythmic moans of harmonica combine, while foot stompin' abounds, to create an Acoustic Roots Blues sound as authentic as you'll hear north of the Mason Dixon Line. An aficionado of storytelling, tall tales are intricately woven effortlessly into the fabric of music and songs A Folk/Blues fingerpicker of whimsical found and self-penned songs A virtuoso in the musical Folk Art of bowed hand saw melodies. An award winning songwriter, recording and performance artist who has gained multinational media attention via recent compositions like, "Wall Street Bailout Blues".

Featured in a half dozen documentary films and videos, multi-million dollar major industry productions, on the CDs of more than a dozen Northwest artists, in addition to 30 self produced recordings since 1995.

 "Reggie Miles in my humble opinion is great! It just does not get any better than this. What a talent! Oh, and by the way, I love the sound of that 'resonator guitar' he uses!" (Ron Ryan, Ghost writer for The Dave Clark Five)  "Extremely entertaining and downright fun! Wonderfully wacky... Reggie Miles has succeeded in capturing the vaudevillian essence of depression era blues. Amazingly eerie, bizarre, interpretations featuring Reggie playing a saw." (Diane Wells)


Be amazed by Moz Wright "Ancient Arts Brought to Life!"


Come see Dragons' Gate Gardens  own Dragon!  

Cold Steel and Hot Licks! 

Fire breather/sword swallower, Moz, grew up in a circus family and learned from his uncle the fundamentals of Fire Breathing and Sword Swallowing. He improved on that and added skills and stage  savvy through dedication to his art. His interest in Vaudeville,  Varietè, and performance art led him to work producing shows along the  west coast and especially at the Oregon Country Fair where he was Entertainment Coordinator and Board Member From 1981 to 1991. He has astonished audiences at home and abroad at festivals, at the New York Magic Symposium,  in the Grateful Deads' rock video "Going to Hell in a Bucket", The Paul Danials Magic Show on BBC TV, and KCTS Seattle special "the Stars of New Vaudeville, Hosted by the Flying Karamazov Brothers" 


The "Gadget" Effect with Reggie Miles


  Reggie has been sharing his Gadgets, washboard based percussion and sound-effects toys, with children attending Fairs and noticed The "Gadget" Effect: The effect achieved by playing with one or more of the washboard based Gadgets created by Pacific NW Folk/Blues artist Reggie Miles.  interacting with these musical percussion and sound-effect toys brings out the Child in all ages. 
An experiment... in interactive sound exploration, ergonomic design, and robust construction, providing a wide range of gross motor skills, and tactile/visual/auditory/oral exercises, to produce percussive and sound effects. Offering a brief respite in a festival environment, all are encouraged to freely explore, engage their curiosity, and exercise their creativity, while enjoying a free play experience, without rules, or restrictions of any kind, imposed upon them.

​"This is what the Festival's all about" 

"Ooooooh! I LOVE that one!" "This is so fun!"  

I'm a performance artist, who builds the instruments I play, from the discards of our throw-away society.