2018 Workshops

David Yarrow Eating our way to a Sustainable Future, An Intro to Carbon-Smart Nutriculture


and  "Awakening the Dragon, Reading the Earths Subtle Energy Anatomy" (Walkabout)  

 Gardeners, Farmers, Anybody that eats, if you would like better tasting  food that supplies everything you need to keep your body strong and  healthy without buying vitamins and supplements, then learn about  nutriculture. Learn from a leader in this movement, David Yarrow, know  as the Soil Sorcerer and Bio-char Wizard, he is also a very talented  Dowser.  David Yarrow is a holistic healer and food and farm activist with over  40 years participation in several grassroots movements. His commitment to and advocacy of  sustainable organic agriculture and food systems has led to the  establishment of several projects, conferences, and organizations –  including Bring the People Back Home, Closing the Food Circle, Archangel  Ancient Tree Archive – each with the initiative of grounding a more  sustainable future for humanity.  David emphasizes  that carbon is only one element in soil and that the priority for our  planet is soil regeneration through stewardship of diverse living  communities and cultures. The very actions essential to put carbon,  minerals, and microbes back in soils may restore authentic community to  human society, wealth to  community economies, health to human bodies,  and true culture to our relations with the Earth as Gaia, a unified  living intelligence. 

Auriel Rose, Crystal Consciousness and Plant Consciousness


Auriel Rose will delight you with her wisdom of ancient “crystal energy” techniques that are so necessary in our lives today. Learn about the different kinds of crystals and their healing properties, including the spirituality aspects of crystal healing utilized in different cultures during different eras around the earth. Her crystal healing classes consist of her presentation on different specimens, their unique qualities, and how to reap the benefits of crystals in your life. There will be time for crystal shopping for those interested.

Auriel has found that plants are very emotional just as we are.  When one is exposed to the whimsical music of the plants it makes one aware of plant consciousness in a way not previously experienced.  From her studies with the plant realm, Auriel has gained a deeper understanding of the interconnection of all life. Learn about how plants can make their own music with the use of a U-1 device. Auriel will share how plants learn basics such as timing and discovering their forms of interaction, their cycles, and sense of humor! 

Kathleen Tougher Greco 'aka'  Auriel Rose is the Dragon Crone of the North West and Keeper of Dragon  Crystals.  She is the third of four children whose mother was deeply  involved in her church and church music.  She learned to sing as she  learned to talk; on the alter by 6 she was doing solo work by 8.  She  lived a life steeped in the love and enjoyment of life's rituals and  ceremonies.  Teen club leader and Girl Scout gave way to Master Costumer  in the International Costumers Guild, Celebration Artist and  ceremonialist; Catholic, Christian, Pagan. 

Always  researching and learning more she studied with Native American Teacher  "Oceana" and learned crystal grid work from Sir James Hughes.  Working  with Taylore and Roi at Reiki Ranch she has become a Laser Reiki Master.   Auriel has performed as the Bard for the Druids at Sunrise for Spring  Equinox on Glastonbury Tor as well as singing the "Ave Maria" in a  Cathedral dedicated to Mary Magdalene in Southern France.

Today  Auriel is the steward of 126 acre sanctuary and the Lightbrarian of 15  tons of Giant Museum Quality Crystals .  30 minutes South East of  Olympia along the Skookumchuck River you'll find Dragons' Gate Gardens  and Wellness Center.  The unique combination of Sound healing and  working with her Crystal Grid Table enables Auriel to assist others in  reaching a deeper understanding of crystal consciousness and how  beneficial that can be to our bodies and souls.

Francesco Tortorici Introduction to Biochar Production Use & Micro-Gasifier Stove Demonstration


Francesco is an engineer and long-time appropriate technology advocate.  He was the co-founder and Director of the Norwegian Center for Appropriate Technology in the 1970s.  His interest in those technologies led him to attend the ETHOS (Engineers in Technical and Humanitarian Opportunities of Service) Conference in 2011.   Through that experience, he worked with several NGOs which promote clean cook stoves that also produce biochar.  

In 2014 Francesco collaborated with the Port of Port Townsend, designing and building biochar filters to remove heavy metals form stormwater runoff.  He teamed with several Jefferson County farms in the production and incorporation of biochar.  In Sequim he collaborated with a mushroom farmer to develop a commercial gasifer stove used to pasteurize straw and make biochar.

Francesco and his wife, Joan, created Olympic BioChar (OB) in 2015 to promote biochar’s uses and benefits and provide a locally made biochar.   OB donates biochar to area school gardens for co-composting and other garden/orchard applications which introduce biochar to students.  Most recently, Francesco’s focus is on regenerating soils to produce nutrient dense food by using biochar, mineral balancing, etc



Adam Abraham 


Natural Motion Magic: How Vortex Generators Add Value to Water, Health, and Life


Adam Abraham is  an author, publisher, filmmaker, activist and visionary that you may  not have heard of, but whose work may have already touched your life.  Adam will share some “magical” and “Aha!” moments that he has  enjoyed or witnessed during his sojourn. The “hidden message” in water  that Masaru Emoto and other pioneers have made very clear, is a profound  opportunity to improve the quality of life that awaits everyone “with  the eyes to see, ears to hear” and wisdom to vortex.    

Elwin La Fae Herman Shamanic Soul Singing


In this group workshop, Medicine woman Elwin Herman, guides you in 

discovering and integrating deep aspects of your soul through the use of your voice. Learn to express yourself, transform energy and awaken the ancient shaman within you in order to bring balance, harmony, and a sense of peace to your life and the sacred spaces in which you walk. Move the 

powerful energy within you through your voice and change the energetic 

spaces around you though the act of sound! 


Death Doula, the sacred passage of conscious dying.

In this deeply intimate workshop Elwin Herman will introduce you to the sacred art of dying. We will learn how a Death Doula helps people plan a meaningful death by providing emotional comfort & 

support to them and their families.  You can change people’s lives by changing how they walk to their deaths. Our workshop  discusses how we feel about death and the fear and shadow that surrounds it then ends bringing it to the light of unconditional love.

Burke Mulvany and Jay Darling Musical Connection and Healing with CoNectar


Bring  your voice and inner sounds to a musical improvisational journey that  will travel through unique and beautiful soundscapes inspired by the  melodies and rhythms of Nature and the Earth. Clear blockages and stuck  stories from your past and ride a co-created magic carpet of sound to  open up to to powerful medium of musical communication with yourself,  others and to the Earth. All ages and participation levels welcomed.  Bring a blanket, pillow, rattle and any power items that might benefit  you during this workshop experience! 

Additional Presenters 2018

The IrReverend Mss Lady Fern DeFay Celtic Lunar & Solar Tree Calendar, Basics of Wheel of the Year



Part 2: Celtic Tree Alphabet"Ogham"

  Runes as Keys To Irish Fairy Realms

Part 1: Celtic Lunar & Solar Tree Calendar 

             Basics of Wheel of the Year

This  Introduction Class will be following the Celtic Calendar of Sun  Holidays & Moon Months, with corresponding Fairy Tree Lore  associated. This covers the foundation of the"Ogham" Runic Alphabet of   Ancient Ireland. Basics of how this Tree Alphabet relate to Solar &  Lunar Cycles, of holidays as fundamentally representing Celtic Tree  Astrology, will be our prominent focus, of this first class, in this  two-part series.

Part 2: Celtic Tree Alphabet"Ogham"

              Runes as Keys To Irish Fairy Realms

The  Second Class in our 2 part series, stands alone but is easier with  preliminary Basics from the first part series, or previous  understandings of this subject.

This  class covers Deeper Mysteries of Celtic Tree Calendar: Ogham"Alphabet  Runes, of Keys to Interdimensional doorways through Fairy Portals of  each Tree in the Alphabet for each Province of Fairy Realms~gination  Enhancement ~

Put on your thinking cap for imagination Enhancement

Mark “Humnbyrd” McNutt - “Living Planetary Spirits and Astro Play” and


  “Humnbyrd”  with Marygolod McNutt  “Dancing With the Sidhes and the Trees”

Mark “Humnbyrd” McNutt is a widely known Astrological practitioner and writer, and is also a renown ceremonial circle drummer, musician, and workshop leader, along with many other talents. Mark is the author of several books and has been a lifelong land steward of the Faery haven LivingWell Nature Spirit Sanxuary in Deadwood, OR since 1984 

MaryGold McNutt is best known as a creatrix of fine cuisine for many gatherings, but is also a professional yoga instructor, healer, herbal and vibrational essence creatrix, occasional song leader, and much more. She has been covorting and channeling the Faeries since way before her move from Australia to co-steward LivingWell Nature Spirit Sanxuary in 1992. livingwellnss@gmail.com

Living Planetary Spirits and Astro Play” with Mark S. McNutt

Mark will run down the basic qualities and interactions of the Planets, and then we will take a spin at embodying the Spirits, interact and relate to each other from the stellar perspective.

Susan Powell Introduction to the Medicine Wheel Ceremony



Susan  (Lakota, Scot, English), has been a Holistic Health Educator &  Facilitator since 1980. She began studying with her Medicine Wheel  Teacher, Grandmother Mahad’yuni in 1981. Susan followed Grandmother  Mahad’yuni’s wishes to pass on the Medicine Wheel Teachings starting in  1982, and has continued to offer multi-day retreats, day-long and  partial day Medicine Wheel events since then. 

Susan  has also worked extensively with First Nations and Aboriginal people  across Canada, especially in healing the multi-generational trauma of  Residential School. She has presented Medicine Wheel workshops for  diverse conferences and communities, such as Child & Youth Care  Workers, Teachers, Social Workers, Mentoring Agencies, Aboriginal Youth  Leadership, Native American Sports Council, the Justice Institute of  British Columbia, Human & Fairy Relations Congress, and the Four  Worlds Institute, to name a few. 

In  addition to facilitating the Medicine Wheel, Holistic Wellness, Caring  for Caregivers, individual coaching, and many other topics, Susan now  facilitates groups and individuals working with the tools of Access  Consciousness. This includes Access Consciousness Bars®, Body Processes,  and Specialty Classes. 

Susan  enjoys a wide variety of interests: reading, ballet, being in nature,  and her new interest in Fika, (the Swedish tradition of taking a  coffee/tea break with friends), continual learning, and finding ways to  contribute to the world being a place of ever-greater consciousness,  beauty and kindness. 

Joanne Rand Singing into Being


  Singing Into Being: A Vocal Workshop With Joanne Rand, 1 all levels, no experience necessary
An experiential VOCAL WORKSHOP incorporating songs and  chants from indigenous cultures throughout the globe, as well as Rand's  original songs and those we create together. Includes exercises in  sound, listening, movement, & breath...all tools for helping to  access our voice. Emphasis is on spontaneity, group dynamics, and  freeing up the INNER AUTHENTIC VOICE creating a sense of COMMUNITY &  DEEP ECOLOGY 

For more info on Joanne check out her listing on our Entertainer page

Karin Olsen Celebrating the Celtic Calendar High Holidays



Would you like to mark the turn of the season? In this evening class  we will take a look at the eight holidays of many earth-based  religions—the Sabbats and their magical properties. We will focus our  attention on the four upcoming holidays—Fall Equinox (Mabon), Halloween  (Samhain), Winter Solstice and Imbolc. We will discuss candles, stones,  incense, craft projects and recipes for each season. Please bring a  journal to begin creating a record of your journey.

Instructor: Karin Olsen, LMP. Karin is the co-owner of Radiance Herbs  & Massage. She has been a licensed massage therapist for more than  20 years and she loves to share her knowledge about natural living  intuition and magick.

Taylore Vance and Herb Richards Instant Pain Release, Demonstration with Laser Reiki


 We offer you the free Reiki training to make the world a better place to  live and we want to give back to the abundant Universe! When you  connect with Source energy and ask IT to flow through you to heal  yourself and others — you are never the same again. You are uplifted and  your hands will seem magical, your life is Spirit guided for your  highest good and it’s even more fun!